The Tourism Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (STA) is constructing the longest entertaining tourist path for families with 1835 kilometer long. The path extends from the heritage city of Abha to Al-Baha, Taif, Jeddah, Rabigh, Yanbu, Unluj, arriving at the picturesque nature of Tabuk.

Saudi families are the main target audience for the long Abha-Tabuk path. So it is considered a perfect, wonderful destination to accompany your family and enjoy a tourist journey that lasts for about two weeks.

The tourist path has an amazing collection of programs like shopping, activities, entertaining shows in the fresh air as well as enjoying watching the fantastic sea. Importantly, the Abha-Tabuk path is completely safe since the Saudi Tourism Authority has stressed restaurants, gas stations, and other places to commit WHO’s Health procedures against coronavirus.

With the fear of infection with coronavirus, the 1835km tourist path, which extends from Abha through Tabuk, is the perfect destination to travel. Especially that the traveling would be mostly by car and rarely that you would meet any crowds in that long path.

According to Okaz, the concern of precautions against coronavirus is persistent in hotels, restaurants, and gas stations. By committing,continuous sterilization and social distancing, as well as the expenses, are still less than the average-all that makes Abha-Tabuk path a perfect place to travel safely.

Are you willing to visit the Abha-Tabuk path in Suadi Arabia?