Lots of people’s dream is to travel around the world, but a really few whose dream become true, and the biggest reason for that is.. the expensive travel costs. So in part one of this blog, we will suggest you 3 wonderful apps that are gonna help you save your money while traveling.

  1. Airbnb.. Say goodbye to expensive hotels

To be honest, most traveling costs go for accommodation and rarely is one finding a cheap hotel. It’s like: why would you pay lots of dollars for just a bed to sleep and a Wifi connection if possible? It’s unfair.

If you think that’s unfair, you should try Airbnb app now. It will help you save hotel costs by providing you with vacation houses and inexpensive studios to rent. Those places’ quality is as nice as the expensive hotels. Moreover, Airbnb is available nearly for all countries.

Airbnb app is available for Android, IOS, and PC.

  1. KAYAK.. Pay less than what you think

If you’re traveling a lot and want to save hotels, rental cars, or flights, you have to try KAYAK.

KAYAK is a free app that provides you with hundreds of flights, hotels, and cheap cars.

KAYAK app is available for Android, IOS, and PC.

  1. BlaBlaCar.. Proceed with the least costs

Usually, travelers spend a lot of money on local transportation or from one country to another. BlaBlaCar connects you with travelers who have the same destination to travel together and save money!

If you already have a car or you’ve rented one, you can use BlaBlaCar, determine your destination, and you’ll find travelers who connect you to share the journey with you and also share the cost.

BlaBlaCar is available for Android, IOS and PC.

Unfortunately, BlaBlaCar is available only in Europe. However, there are similar apps like SharingOS, Car2go, and others.

At this point, we’ve finished part one of this blog, which provides apps that help you save a lot of your travel costs and travel to the best places without worrying about your savings. Let’s continue with part two!