Are you planning to travel cheap? These apps will help you! (2 out of 2)

Lots of people’s dream is to travel around the world, but a really few whose dream become true, and the biggest reason for that is.. the expensive travel costs. We’ve talked about 3 wonderful apps that help you travel with the least prices and save your money! And here’s another 3..


  1. Curse Shipmate.. Pay less for a cruise


Who doesn’t love watching the ocean and its crashing waves? If you’re planning to travel on a fascinating cruise, Cruise Shipmate will save your money! This app is gonna help you search for the best cruise and book it. Also, it helps you meet other traveling mates and suggests you the best offers from restaurants.


Cruise Shipmate app is available for Android and IOS.


  1. GasBuddy.. For the cheapest car journey


Are you planning to travel for a long distance with a car? GasBuddy app is going to inform you of the nearest gas stations and the best near-parking places for your car.

You would be surprised how much money one can save for using this simple app!


GasBuddy app is available for Android and IOS.


  1. Skyscanner.. For the cheapest flight


We’ve introduced in part one of this blog KAYAK app, which offers the cheapest flights among his several services. However, Skyscanner app is specialized in providing the best most affordable flights. Lots of users consider Skyscanners as the best app for finding a cheap flight.


Skyscanner app is available for Android and IOS.


With this, we’ve finished part two of the blog, which provides apps that help you save a lot of your travel costs and travel to the best places without worrying about your savings.