If you’re planning to travel these days, you’re surely hesitating due to coronavirus.. In this blog, we will give you 3 pieces of advice to protect yourself and your family from infection and travel safely.

  1. Prepare yourself to enjoy nature!

After the coronavirus crisis, it’s better to totally avoid those famous traditional places that are usually crowded most of the time.

Instead, proceed to wonderful natural places! You would find many in all countries. For instance, Jabel Hafit Desert Park in UAE, Valley of the Whales in Egypt and Yosemite National Park in California in the USA, and others.

  1. Avoid traveling to these countries

Before planning for traveling while coronavirus is still around, make sure that the country you would travel to has a few infected cases.

TravelCentre provides you with a live map for the world, including most infected countries. Make sure that your destination has a pale blue color.

You can check the map from here.

  1. Make sure to stack these with you

Although many experts expect that the first coronavirus vaccination would be produced by the end of 2020, we should be careful..

So, make sure you stack those things with you: 

  • Multiple face masks (preferably to be comfortable and help you breathe smoothly)
  • Hand sanitizer contains 60% of alcohol, at least.
  • Multiple disinfectant wipes for surfaces contain 70% of alcohol, at least.
  • Thermometer (preferably to be digital one)

Do you have other advices for traveling during coronavirus crises?.. Share them with us!