Orion Span company has revealed its intention for constructing the first luxury hotel outside the Earth in 2021. The luxury space hotel will be available for reservations in 2022.

The US-based company said that the luxury space hotel would host only 4 residents and 2 crew members. All of them would have a wonderful journey in a luxury hotel around the Earth, lasting for 12 days.

Every resident would pay 9.5 million dollars for hosting in the space hotel, called “Aurora Station.” That means it costs about 790 thousand per night.

The luxury space hotel will provide a collection of fantastic activities in space, including enjoying watching 16 sunrises in one day, floating in zero gravity, contacting family and friends on Earth via internet, and participating in scientific experiments and research like farming in space.

The company said that residents have 3 months’ training besides necessary educational lessons that help them understand space traveling, the physics of Earth’s orbit, and the exceptional circumstances in space.

Because of the high expenses, residents should book their space journey through the Orion Span website. Booking costs refundable 80 thousand dollars.

If you have enough money.. Would you try this special experience?!