Why should Jabel Hafit Desert Park be your next destination after Coronavirus?

If you’re a travel geek, no doubt that Coronavirus crisis has destroyed all your travel plans for 2020. However, don’t feel sorry! Jabel Hafit Desert Park is one of the most wonderful places where you should travel to now, especially during the world crisis of the Coronavirus.

Jabel Hafit Desert Park is one of the best historical and archeological places located at Abu Dhabi in UAE. It has historical monuments that back to the Neolithic age, which is 8000 years ago. Moreover, it has a collection of cemeteries that return to the Bronze age. Accordingly, UNESCO has counted Jabal Hafit as one of the most critical historical locations since 2011.

Various fascinating activities that one can do in Jabel Hafit Desert Park. Those activities include watching the natural landscapes, camel riding, horse riding, biking, buggy tours, hiking trails, and the most special activity: luxury camping experience and a barbecue party with your family or friends under a sky filled with brightening stars.

In case you didn’t travel to a desert place like Jabel Hafit Desert Park before, the park provides you with a special camping experience where you can use your personal tent or request desert camping stuff with breakfast meals in Bedouin tent. Furthermore, you can book a full service, 5 stars luxury camping with an air-conditioned bubble tent.

Even after tourism has flourished in several countries and the airlines came back to work, the fear of infecting with Coronavirus is still in mind for a lot of travelers. So Jabel Hafit Desert Park is the best choice for traveling those days.